Fixing HTTPRL Core Drupal Network Configuratoin Error

You see something like this: Your system or network configuration does not allow Drupal to access web pages. This could be due to your webserver configuration or PHP settings.
HTTPRL - Core drupal_http_request()
You then go into your httprl config: /admin/config/development/httprl

And set the field "IP Address to send all self server requests to" to -1

Drupal 8 Bootstrap 3 sub theme setup

Here is a quick guide and notes for myself to be able to setup Bootstrap 3 in Drupal 8. :-)

  • Copy the sub-theme from the starterkit in the bootstrap theme folder to the sub-theme folder.
  • Rename all files to the sub-theme name.
  • Copy the info file from the boostrap theme to the sub-theme.
  • Setup the theme in /admin/appearance/settings

Import Data From External Source To Drupal

I have a couple of SMF forum sites I wan't to replace with Drupal, but there is a considerable amount of content, why I started to speculate if it could be done programmatically (semi automatic magic). I found a couple of outdated modules for merging data from SMF to PHPBB and then from PHPBB to Drupal. I tried that route once but did not succeed. The thing I would love to see is a transformation of the table data in the SMF database to CSV and then import it with the standard import module for Drupal Migrate.


Larger Projects in 2019

Optimizing Online Services

  • Search engine optimization including technical SEO - website health and speed, which ensures excellent visitor experience. Primary customers are SEO-companies.
  • Maintaining Linux environments primarily for web development.
    • Apache and Nginx web servers.
    • MySQL and PostgreSQL.