• Pulling the big plug and leaving for Thailand for a while to learn more about life.
    • I will of course be of service for all the projects I am involved in. I will be solving small and big freelance tasks and projects as always.


  • Going freelance in Excel, Web and Logistics optimization.
    • On the side I follow the stock markets in the long term and as a day trader.
  • Giving it a shot on Youtube with the Plant Sugar Channel, to make people think and wake awareness regarding the food choices we do. After studying many books and scientific articles there is enough evidence for me to advocate a whole foods plant based lifestyle which I have followed for over 2 years now.
  • Continuing the plant based life style and sharing best practice at (Whole Plants dot DK).


  • Received a new role as business engagement manager in the area of logistics from the IT perspective at DT Group.
  • Life style change to whole plants -
  • 26. Aug.: The crowdsourcing project -



  • 1. Apr.: Started working as a Supply Chain Management Consultant at DT Group-IT.
  • 8. Jan.: Upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010.



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