• Mobile app Monsius - Google Play Store and Apple App Store
    • Flutter development and publishing in app stores for Android and Apple.
    • Utilising the Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) engine: wikitude.com
  • Setup and fix sites in Python Django.
  • Backend development for casino web app with requirements from Spillemyndigheden.dk.
    • Server setup and optimization.
    • XML generation.
    • Tamper token.
  • Wordpress optimization, upgrading, theme development, plugin development, and migrating old php/asp sites to Wordpress.
  • Upgrading Drupal 7 sites to Drupal 8 and Drupal 9.
  • Maintaining, optimizing, and monitoring web servers Linux Nginx MySQL PHP (LEMP) and Linux Apache MySQL/MariaDB PHP (LAMP).
  • Automatic web scrapers in R-project and Rselenium with login and file download capabilities utilising the Chrome Headless Browser.
  • Fixing errors in R code and R-script deployment on Windows and Linux servers.


  • Implementing NETS transfer service via SFTP and R-script.
  • Mobile app development with Flutter and Flutter/Flame.
    • First release of small mobile game called Vegan Power available for Android and IOS.
  • Linux LAMP and LEMP server configuration and optimization.
  • CodeIgniter POS
  • Development and optimization of a custom built Point of Sales (POS) system in the PHP framework Code Igniter.
  • Transferwise API
    • Building an API to Transferwise to monitor and optimize currency exchange rates and transfers.
  • JavaFX 14, PostgreSQL, and PGadmin4.
    • Creating PostgreSQL database with trigger functions and creating a JavaFX interface to load and reload the contents of the database.
  • Migrating old ASP and PHP sites to modern platforms like Wordpress or Drupal.
    • Programcentrum.se - migrating content to Wordpress.
    • Gratissidan.se - migrating content to Wordpress.
  • Wordpress Commerce (Woocommerce) product import including products with variations. This also includes generating parents to variations if they are not specified. This is usually the case when product catalog is received from a product supplier.
  • Arduino development: timing af PIR sensor switch to create a smart lamp turn on and off with timing. Used for a radiation lamp that needs to turn off when there is motion and stay turned for for a specified amount of time before turning on. And also it needs to stay on for a specified amount of time to disinfect an area, and then switch off to preserve the life time of the radiation lamp. 
  • Graphics design, raster in GIMP and vector in Inkscape.

Larger Projects in 2019

Optimizing Online Services

  • Search engine optimization including technical SEO - website health and speed, which ensures excellent visitor experience. Primary customers are SEO-companies.
  • Maintaining Linux environments primarily for web development.
    • Apache and Nginx web servers.
    • MySQL and PostgreSQL.
    • PHP, drush, composer, git, diff, R-script, Python
  • Automated scripts to convert files for importing data like bank transactions, products and images into webshops, and automatic download of images from link libraries.
  • Design and architecture of web development.

Microsoft Excel Models

Hire me as Excel Freelancer to optimize your business and get excellent results.

Shipping cost calculations based on advenced price matrices (video).

Multiple data file transformations with a nice output format - forecasting data.

Optimization model for bus transport at the local municipally.

Innovation meetings about Microsoft Excel models, analysis, and intro to Excel/VBA.

Reference from former employer: 

Major Projects

2004 - WebDrive.dk - Apply mobility and security to your data (Danish national TV - 2008). [SOLD to third party].


Acquired Underhyleren.dk - sales of boxershorts in the Nordics and changed the backend from Wordpress to Drupal 7. This site is currently for sale 2018-03-15.


Currently hosting multiple Drupal, Moodle, and Wordpress sites on a Linux Nginx server in Holland. With internally provided offsite backup and externally provided and optional backup to custom google cloud storage or amazon cloud storage (S3).

Drupal 8

  • Event reporting engine Report.GrN.dk.
  • Migrating sites from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.
  • Migrating Simple Machines forum site to Drupal 8.

Drupal Hosting 2015-2017

Moved the majority of administered web sites from a Danish hosting company to a hosting provider in Holland. If you are interested in specialized Drupal hosting for your web site please let me know.

Drupal 7 2015

Migrated GrN.dk from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 - now with new look and bootstrap 3.

Major appearance change on Ideahunters.dk with a new theme for Drupal 7.

StegtFlaeskMedPersilleSovs.dk - a tribute to the truth about pig farming - Lucent the documentary.

Acquired GoNude.dk and migrated data from Wordpress to Drupal 7.

Drupal 7 2014

Millionmand.dk and Millionkvinde.dk - the marketing gimmick.

Drupal 7 2013

Tips and tricks for Drupal at nowa.dk.

  • IdeaHunters.dk - share your idea and earn money.
  • HelePlanter.dk - danish discussion forum about whole plant based food, raw food, and plants in general.
  • Innowatt - generates two new random words each day and uses crowd sourcing concepts to generate new innovative ideas.
  • BuyMe.dk - a site for keeping track of enhancements and maintenance of things and services you want to sell.
  • Electronic journaling demo for Balle Dyreklinik.

2012 Drupal 7

  • Billigaborsthuvuden.se - the Swedish version of billigeborstehoveder.dk. Supports sales at billigborst.se.
  • Billigeborstehoveder.dk - Micro site to support sales of cheap electric toothbrush heads [SOLD].
  • Pengebunken.dk - Micro site about earning, saving, and winning money [SOLD 2018-04-24].
  • Skoforum.dk - A shoe forum blog for shoe lovers and a place to announce wanted shoes. In addition Drupal Commerce is added to the site with sales of quality shoe soles from Spenco are available at a very low price in Denmark.
  • sweN.dk - the upside down News portal, where the future is predicted by Danes.

2011 Drupal 6

  • GigaNet.dk - Video Casting of Starcraft II.
  • A badminton club page with event signups, 1v1 and 2v2 ranking functions, match statistics under development.
  • Dåsen.dk - Total setup (Drupal 7).
  • Moneynet.dk - Total setup (Drupal 7).

2010 Drupal 6

2009 Drupal 6

  • e17.dk - IE6 theming consultancy.
  • texasopoker.dk - Advice regarding forum and architecture.
  • JobNow.dk - total solution, a database of job databases and tool to structure your job hunting.
  • grn.dk - total solution, Greg Nowak personal page including CV, portfolio and photo gallery.

2008 - Internal knowledge sharing platform at AgroTech based on advanced forum (150 hours).

Simple Machines Forum

nowa.dk - (Nogle Ordentlige Weekend Aktiviteter) - Some good weekend activities - a forum for cool activities.

LogistikForum.org - Danish logistics forum to connect students with companies in Denmark. Update 2015 - now translated to Drupal.

Other Web Sites

2009 - golfsverige.dk - Google Maps API consultancy.

2008 - balledyreklinik.dk - Veterinarian in Silkeborg, Denmark.



2011 - Sun rise,  sun set, and day length on weekly basis in Denmark.

2010 - Google Maps API V2 and V3. Examples: Vet in Silkeborg, hotels and tourist attractions, whale sharks and parks, and bicycling routes.

2007 - Automatic route planning (Dial-a-ride-problem) with custom algorithms programmed in C.

2005 - Automatic Time tabling tools in Excel and GNU Linear Programming Kit (GLPK).

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