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Microsoft Excel Models

Hire me as Excel Freelancer to optimize your business and get excellent results.

Shipping cost calculations based on advenced price matrices (video).

Multiple data file transformations with a nice output format - forecasting data.

Optimization model for bus transport at the local municipally.

Innovation meetings about Microsoft Excel models, analysis, and intro to Excel/VBA.

Reference from former employer: 

Major Projects

2004 - WebDrive.dk - Apply mobility and security to your data (Danish national TV - 2008). [SOLD to third party].

Webshops 2015

Acquired Underhyleren.dk - sales of boxershorts in the Nordics and changed the backend from Wordpress to Drupal 7. This site is currently for sale 2018-03-15.


Currently hosting multiple Drupal, Moodle, and Wordpress sites on a Linux Nginx server in Holland. With internally provided offsite backup and externally provided and optional backup to custom google cloud storage or amazon cloud storage (S3).

Drupal 2017

  • Migrating sites from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.
  • Migrating Simple Machines forum site to Drupal 8.

Drupal Hosting 2015-2017

Moved the majority of administered web sites from a Danish hosting company to a hosting provider in Holland. If you are interested in specialized Drupal hosting for your web site please let me know.

Drupal 7 2015

Migrated GrN.dk from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 - now with new look and bootstrap 3.

Major appearance change on Ideahunters.dk with a new theme for Drupal 7.

StegtFlaeskMedPersilleSovs.dk - a tribute to the truth about pig farming - Lucent the documentary.

Acquired GoNude.dk and migrated data from Wordpress to Drupal 7.

Drupal 7 2014

Millionmand.dk and Millionkvinde.dk - the marketing gimmick.

Drupal 7 2013

Tips and tricks for Drupal at nowa.dk.

  • IdeaHunters.dk - share your idea and earn money.
  • HelePlanter.dk - danish discussion forum about whole plant based food, raw food, and plants in general.
  • Innowatt - generates two new random words each day and uses crowd sourcing concepts to generate new innovative ideas.
  • BuyMe.dk - a site for keeping track of enhancements and maintenance of things and services you want to sell.
  • Electronic journaling demo for Balle Dyreklinik.

2012 Drupal 7

  • Billigaborsthuvuden.se - the Swedish version of billigeborstehoveder.dk. Supports sales at billigborst.se.
  • Billigeborstehoveder.dk - Micro site to support sales of cheap electric toothbrush heads [SOLD].
  • Pengebunken.dk - Micro site about earning, saving, and winning money [SOLD 2018-04-24].
  • Skoforum.dk - A shoe forum blog for shoe lovers and a place to announce wanted shoes. In addition Drupal Commerce is added to the site with sales of quality shoe soles from Spenco are available at a very low price in Denmark.
  • sweN.dk - the upside down News portal, where the future is predicted by Danes.

2011 Drupal 6

  • GigaNet.dk - Video Casting of Starcraft II.
  • A badminton club page with event signups, 1v1 and 2v2 ranking functions, match statistics under development.
  • Dåsen.dk - Total setup (Drupal 7).
  • Moneynet.dk - Total setup (Drupal 7).

2010 Drupal 6

2009 Drupal 6

  • e17.dk - IE6 theming consultancy.
  • texasopoker.dk - Advice regarding forum and architecture.
  • JobNow.dk - total solution, a database of job databases and tool to structure your job hunting.
  • grn.dk - total solution, Greg Nowak personal page including CV, portfolio and photo gallery.

2008 - Internal knowledge sharing platform at AgroTech based on advanced forum (150 hours).

Simple Machines Forum

nowa.dk - (Nogle Ordentlige Weekend Aktiviteter) - Some good weekend activities - a forum for cool activities.

LogistikForum.org - Danish logistics forum to connect students with companies in Denmark. Update 2015 - now translated to Drupal.

Other Web Sites

2009 - golfsverige.dk - Google Maps API consultancy.

2008 - balledyreklinik.dk - Veterinarian in Silkeborg, Denmark.



2011 - Sun rise,  sun set, and day length on weekly basis in Denmark.

2010 - Google Maps API V2 and V3. Examples: Vet in Silkeborg, hotels and tourist attractions, whale sharks and parks, and bicycling routes.

2007 - Automatic route planning (Dial-a-ride-problem) with custom algorithms programmed in C.

2005 - Automatic Time tabling tools in Excel and GNU Linear Programming Kit (GLPK).