Composer tips and tricks

Submitted by Greg Nowak on 2019-05-30

Composer without root

Run this in ~/composer: curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php

Put this in .bashrc: alias composer="php ~/composer/composer.phar"

Install Drupal 8 With Composer In Custom Web Folder

composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev my_site_name_dir --no-interaction --no-install
Adjust web folder in composer.json file and then run "composer install".

Check available versions of a package

composer show package_name --available


Submitted by Greg Nowak on 2015-03-14


  • Migrating old ASP and PHP sites to modern platforms like Wordpress or Drupal.
    • Programcentrum.se - migrating content to Wordpress.
    • Gratissidan.se - migrating content to Wordpress.
  • Wordpress Commerce (Woocommerce) product import including products with variations. This also includes generating parents to variations if they are not specified. This is usually the case when product catalog is received from a product supplier.


Submitted by Greg Nowak on 2015-03-14


100 EUR per hour.

20 hour voucher 1.000 EUR.

New customers can ask for intro discount.

Gregs IT and Logistics Optimization

Submitted by Greg Nowak on 2015-03-14

I get my hands dirty with operational IT and also work in the sphere between IT and business as a business consultant. My primary skill is to understand the business and convert that knowledge to simple optimized IT solutions and implement them. I have successfully implemented many pilot projects with business models created with web applications, Linux/Bash scripts, Python scripts, R-project scripts, and Excel/VBA models. Learn more on my page with services - for instance Excel Freelancer. Feel free to check out my CV too!