Your Digital Project Manager

Do you need a digital project manager for your next project, or existing projech that needs a helping hand?

You don't have the resources? I can help you find the right resources for the IT project.

I offer digital project management in the areas of IT, logistics and economics. I am very experienced in doing documentation, which is one of the most importing things, when working with online digital teams. I have experience from online platforms like Confluence. I have experience i managing project teams in online services like Trello, Jira, and Slack.

Hire an experienced project manager with experience with being single-point-of-contact and taking great ownership of the project and the results to be made. I have worked with big international projects and small projects in the areas of agriculture, building materials, the public sector (health care), and auditing.

Feedback from a Norwegian implementation partner from an implementation of an IT optimization system (E3) for warehouse and store stock replenishment.

"You were the most important person in the implementation team! Whatever happened, you looked forward to seek solutions. Many times you changed the view from criticizing E3 software to find new ways. Always enthusiastic! Based on your way to discuss challenges, I seldom had to defend E3 and selected solutions, which always happens in a project before one have found the correct road. I have appreciated your work and our cooperation very much. Also our car trips!"

Please feel free to contact me for a casual chat.


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