Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Change Content Language

Submitted by Greg Nowak on 2020-06-24

If you have a lot of content including taxonomies and you suddenly would like to change the language of the interface it is not that easy. The current solution I use is to change the default language to your desired language and then export the database. Then replace the string 'en' with your desired language code and reimport the database.

You need to export the node and taxonomy tables only.

For example: sed "s/'en'/'sv'/g" input.sql > output.sql

Or you need to build sql queries like this, not complete list:


Drupal 8 Bootstrap 3 sub theme setup

Submitted by Greg Nowak on 2016-11-04

Here is a quick guide and notes for myself to be able to setup Bootstrap 3 in Drupal 8. :-)

  • Copy the sub-theme from the starterkit in the bootstrap theme folder to the sub-theme folder.
  • Rename all files to the sub-theme name.
  • Copy the info file from the boostrap theme to the sub-theme.
  • Setup the theme in /admin/appearance/settings