Append Multiple MOV Files and Edit Video

Appending MOV files efficiently can be a challenge. The only "safe" and easy way without destroying the video or the sound is done by using Avidemux which is a free video editing tool for Linux.

Here is my modified image-convert bash script used for the appending all .MOV files in a folder and have the full video ready for editing in the Avidemux graphical user interface (GUI).

Mounting Your Android Phone In Linux

It can be a challenge to mount your Android phone (MTP device) in Linux if you have some strange files from your old Iphone. I needed to do it the hard way.

You need to install mtpfs and use this command: sudo mtpfs -o allow_other /media/android-device



OR: sudo jmtpfs -o allow_other ~/mnt

Forerunner 910XT In Linux - Garmin Connect

Forerunner 910XT Linux downloading files from device

Holy molly. I thought Garmin would provide a fancy and "updatede" procedure for uploading and/or extracting data from the fancy Garmin 910XT... but no. You need to search for a while before you find the gold. First I thought you could find a garmin connect tool or plugin for Firefox, but that failed completely. Then I narrowed down my search to "forerunner 910xt linux" (without the quotation marks in google). I found some sites that suggested to download a lot of python stuff and get things directly from Git.


Larger Projects in 2019

Optimizing Online Services

  • Search engine optimization including technical SEO - website health and speed, which ensures excellent visitor experience. Primary customers are SEO-companies.
  • Maintaining Linux environments primarily for web development.
    • Apache and Nginx web servers.
    • MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Linux Apache MySQL and PHP

Bonus strings
Nice settings for /www the local user is gnowak:
sudo chown www-data:gnowak -R /var/www/; sudo chmod g+rw -R /var/www/
Mysql tools: sudo aptitude install mysql-admin mysql-gui-tools-common mysql-navigator mysql-query-browser



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