Android Flutter Notes

Submitted by Greg Nowak on 2020-05-09

Currently running flutter in ubuntu 20.04.

Flutter cli doc:

Flutter pub doc:

KVM installation: sudo apt install qemu-kvm libvirt-daemon-system libvirt-clients bridge-utils virtinst virt-manager
Old info: sudo apt install qemu qemu-kvm virt-manager (Remember to enable VT Virtualization in the Bios) - run: sudo kvm-ok (to check)

Mounting Your Android Phone In Linux

Submitted by Greg Nowak on 2015-08-15

Update 2022-07-14: kill kiod or kiod5 and then do jmtpfs

Update 2021-07-10: sudo aptitude install gmtp

It can be a challenge to mount your Android phone (MTP device) in Linux if you have some strange files from your old Iphone. I needed to do it the hard way.

You need to install mtpfs and use this command: sudo mtpfs -o allow_other /media/android-device



OR: sudo jmtpfs -o allow_other ~/mnt