Ubuntu Logs Journalctl and Dmesg

Submitted by Greg Nowak on 2021-09-23

You can see a lot of good information for debugging and fixing errors on your Ubuntu server with journalctl and dmesg

journalctl --since "1 days ago"

journalctl --since "10 hours ago"

journalctl --since "12 hours ago" -p 3 -x --utc --no-pager

dmesg | less

dmesg -H --time-format iso| less



Gregs IT and Logistics Optimization

Submitted by Greg Nowak on 2015-03-14

I get my hands dirty with operational IT and also work in the sphere between IT and business as a business consultant. My primary skill is to understand the business and convert that knowledge to simple optimized IT solutions and implement them. I have successfully implemented many pilot projects with business models created with web applications, Linux/Bash scripts, Python scripts, R-project scripts, and Excel/VBA models. Learn more on my page with services - for instance Excel Freelancer. Feel free to check out my CV too!