PDF to Word Conversion

There are many tools and a lot of software out there to convert PDFs to Word.

Online tools like:



For Ubuntu we have tools like LibreOffice, abiword, and pdftohtml. In most cases the best results are found when using a combination of tools. I either use then online tool luminpdf in combination with LibreOffice Draw. And if I want I can copy paste and merge into a Libre Office Writer document. It really depends on the situation. You might also want to try the pdf import extension for OpenOffice: https://extensions.openoffice.org/en/project/pdf-import-apache-openoffi…

lowriter --headless --convert-to docx test.pdf

abiword --to=doc test.pdf

pdftohtml -noframes -q -p -c "test.pdf" "test.pdf-img.html" -> then open the html with LibreOffice Writer and save it in desired format.

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