Lenovo T450s Thinkpad Screen Connectivity Issues

Recently I am experiencing bad connectivity on my LCD-screen. It seems to happen randomly and periodically. The connection is disrupted and a gray darkish void appears on the screen. Sometimes this can be ammended by moving the screen up and down but the bulletproof solution is to suspend the laptop and wake it up again, then the screen works properly. Sometimes for hours sometimes only for minutes. Last time I managed to remove and reattach the left hand side LCD-connector from the motherboard. This releived the problem for a couple of days, but now it's back again. After second attempt to tweak the left hand side LCD-connector the problem got a bit worse. I am guessing that the cable needs replacement. I am not sure where to buy, but an option might be on ebay or aliexpress.

An other possible solution would be to remove and reattach the LCD-cable from the Screen Panel itself, but on this model T450s, its quite hard to access the LCD-panel. I have successfully managed to remove and reattach the LCD-cable for the screen on an older and cheaper Lenovo model, which mitigated a similar problem.


My Setup

  • EDP Cable:
    • DC02C003F00 REV: 0A
    • Lenovo PN: SC10A23616
    • AMPHENOL 2015/05/05
    • 30 pin.
  • Max Screen Resolution on current monitor: 1920x1080

If you have any experience with this, please let me know.


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