KDE 5 Plasma Fix After Upgrade

Missing icons on the login screen and everywhere else after upgrade to Kubuntu 21.04? You have come to the right place!

Easy fix: sudo apt install libqt5quick5

Source: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1288506/black-icons-after-reinstalling-…

I did not have any problems on my main machine, but my old machine which had not been updated for more than a year did not swallow the upgrade easily.

You might want to look here for some other fixes and tips & tricks: https://zren.github.io/kde/

Some other tweaks

kwriteconfig5 --file startkderc --group General --key systemdBoot true

/etc/systemd/logind.conf > KillUserProcesses=yes

Taskbar Task Manager Missing Plasmashell

Remember to backup first. Reset the file plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc:  'rm ~/home/USER/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc'

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