Essential Drupal 8 modules

Redirect - we need redirection if the title of an entity changes. Very good for search engine optimization and being able to contain links coming from outside.

Google Analytics - we need to track what is going on.

Pathauto - we need search engine friendly titles on our articles and pages populated automatically.

simple_sitemap - a nice xml sitemap generator.

Corrects urls automatically: pathologic

Core: responsive_image

Single command to download and enable modules: drush dl redirect, google_analytics, pathauto, pathologic; drush en redirect, google_analytics, pathauto, simple_sitemap, pathologic, responsive_image

Good starter theme

drush dl bootstrap; drush en bootstrap; drush config-set system.theme default bootstrap; drush cr

Nice To Have Drupal 8 Modules

video_filter - very nice filter to embed videos in your posts.

drush dl video_filter

Drupal 8 Optimization…

Experimental from Drupal 7

drush dl devel, ds, boost, httprl, captcha, ctools, db_maintenance, token, pathauto, google_analytics, jquery_update, xmlsitemap, expire, imagemagick, globalredirect, module_filter, lazyloader, linkit, logintoboggan, pathologic, video_filter, extlink, image_allow_insecure_derivatives, transliteration, mostpopular -y


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