Drupal 7 Export Import Content Types

IdeaHunters.dk bought a brand new theme from More Than Just Themes, which looks like a pretty decent Drupal 7 theme supplier. The standalone installation is pretty straight forward, but if you want to install the theme in an existing Drupal 7 installation, there is some extra work. It requires enabling theme specific modules and export/import of views, which is easily done with standard Drupal features.

The the task that could give som headaches is the export/import of the content types. This could of course be done manually with possible errors from that process.I tumbled upon a couple of different modules and methods:


My first impression was that Features is a stable rocket that seems very cool, but would be overkill for the purpose of exporting and importing content types for Drupal 7. I read that you could use the drush command (Drupal Shell command line interface CLI) to get a overview of your futures. I installed and enabled the module and ran a "drush features", but the only thing that came up was "Features Tests". I had hoped for a list with my content types and other different nice entities I could export.
The documentation is not fantastic and it looks like the content type export depends on the Drupal module Strongarm. The Strongarm dependency is discussed in the Features issue queue. Another worry with Strongarm is that the latest development release is from 2013.

Drush Export Yeah!

Yes! drush scripts for exporting content types, but doh, where are the scripts for download and the article is from 2009. Was not able to use this.

Drush CTools Export Bonus

But then I found the Ctools bonuspack for Drush. Fantastic! But I was not able to use it. Ended up with commenting on a an existing issue.

Bundle Copy

The stats are not impressive with the dev package 7.x-2.x-dev updated in September 30, 2013 - 18:06. But what? 32,219 reported installs! Sounds impressive and something to investigate. Very easy to use through the graphical user interface.
Found this video quite helpful. This is what I ended up using!


I used this module for content migration from Wordpress to Drupal 7 at GoNude.dk (http://gonude.dk). I remember that there was something about content types, but it is not described on the project page. I love this module, but I am not sure if it should be used for handling content types. If anyone has more information on this, please let me know.

Drupal 7 Import Content

I also found this great article about importing content, not content types though. This is just for reference about drush scripting for Drupal 7 content import.


I also found Importer, but did not have the pleasure to check it out.

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