Swales And Swale Systems

Swales and swale systems are essential for keeping water from the rainy season throughout the dry season.


In this video a guy explains how to dig swales in the tropics. The keywords are irrigation, digging ditches and swales:

Growing your greens showing some footage from  Hawaii:

Lek & Greg Vegan Camp

Lek & Greg started the vegan camp (vegan retreat, vegan farm stay, vegan home stay, vegan restaurant, vegan garden) project early 2017 in Li (Lee) Lamphun, Thailand. Li also known as Lee is located 130 km south from Chiang Mai. You can reach Li by car, by bus, or by one of the many blue and white taxi services. The cheapest and maybe easiet way is to take the bus, which takes 3 hours from Chiang Mai to Li. Currently (2017-02-14) the cost ist 70 baht per person and 100 baht for your bicycle (road bike).