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I work in the sphere between IT and business. My primary skill is to understand the business and convert that knowledge to simple optimized IT solutions. I have successfully implemented many pilot projects with business models created in Excel spreadsheets or web applications. Learn more on my page with services and specifically Excel Freelancer. Feel free to check out my CV too!

Primary Web Projects

I help with optimization projects and data conversion with R-project scripting and Bash scripting in Linux environments.

I spend some time on my vegan youtube channel Plant Sugar, where you can see what I am currently up too.

Promoting my mothers veterinarian business in Silkeborg, Denmark: (ripe tasty whole plants - High Carb Low Fat Vegan) is currently one of my biggest spare time projects. I believe that whole plants are the healthiest way to energize and heal your broken body. If you have any chronic illness, discomfort or just want peek performance - I highly recommend to look into this topic of a plant based life style and way of life.

Do you need boxer-shorts - visit My focus is optimized logistics and environmental shipment. I do that through sending in batches and only postal shop to postal shop. I even deliver by bike when possible. Your body gets fit and you can do a delivery - a win win situation! - crowdsourcing marketing for small and large companies. You present your problem, we present our ideas - problem solved! is also a creative platform for creative people to display their innovative and highly evolved minds. :-D

Developing stock trading principles - low risk low yield.

Spare Time

Most of my spare time is used to build up the Lek & Greg Vegan Camp. I also enjoy cycling, hiking and exploring nature!

Short Intro

My name is Grzegorz Nowak (Greg) and I live in Aarhus, Denmark. I am specialized in economic/logistical methods, models and solving business challenges with software applications. The main purpose of this site is to have an open window to the world and a platform for publishing picture galleries. I  have been working with online projects since 1997 with W3C valid XHTML, CSS and PHP web sites and online services - portfolio page ( has been registered and active since 2004). I love to work in the sphere between business and IT. Where the needs of the business often can be placed within standard solutions.

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