Bootable ISO Without Burning Anything

In the old days we all had CD-drives, but most modern computers these days don't have an optical drive. This makes things even more efficient, because you need to think smart. Some people choose to have an external optical drive, but why all the hassle when you can have a bootable USB or a bootable partition on your harddrive. There ar many guides on the internet, how to get that done manually. Again, why the hasse when we have UNetbootin, the perfect software for booting your favorite ISO's from your harddrive!

Screen Capture In Linux With Audio From Microphone and System Sounds

My random notes regarding screen capture. The screen capture is not hard, and it is not hard to have one source of audio like the microphone. The hard part is to have multiple audio sources, like the microphone and the system sounds.

I use Cheese for the built in webcam capture. Here are the random links:

Append Multiple MOV Files and Edit Video

Appending MOV files efficiently can be a challenge. The only "safe" and easy way without destroying the video or the sound is done by using Avidemux which is a free video editing tool for Linux.

Here is my modified image-convert bash script used for the appending all .MOV files in a folder and have the full video ready for editing in the Avidemux graphical user interface (GUI).

Forerunner 910XT In Linux - Garmin Connect

Forerunner 910XT Linux downloading files from device

Holy molly. I thought Garmin would provide a fancy and "updatede" procedure for uploading and/or extracting data from the fancy Garmin 910XT... but no. You need to search for a while before you find the gold. First I thought you could find a garmin connect tool or plugin for Firefox, but that failed completely. Then I narrowed down my search to "forerunner 910xt linux" (without the quotation marks in google). I found some sites that suggested to download a lot of python stuff and get things directly from Git.


Microsoft Excel Models

Hire me as Excel Freelancer to optimize your business and get excellent results.

Shipping cost calculations based on advenced price matrices (video).

Multiple data file transformations with a nice output format - forecasting data.

Optimization model for bus transport at the local municipally.

Linux Apache MySQL and PHP

Bonus strings
Nice settings for /www the local user is gnowak:
sudo chown www-data:gnowak -R /var/www/; sudo chmod g+rw -R /var/www/
Mysql tools: sudo aptitude install mysql-admin mysql-gui-tools-common mysql-navigator mysql-query-browser